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B-Plast 2000 GmbH in

B-Plast 2000 GmbH
B-Plast 2000 GmbH
The company B-Plast 2000 is a renowned and worldwide active plastic recycling and trade company. We are focused on the purchase and sale of production waste of the plastic producing and manufacturing industry. We take over plastics in form of fibres, lumps, offgrade-granules, regranules, regrind, briquettes, agglomerate, powder and dust as well as films in form of bales and rolls. Furthermore, we take over bottles and flakes. In detail we sell: •PET •PA66 •PA6 •PA6.10 •PA6.12 •PA12 •PA11 •PBT •PES •PEN •PPS •PPA •PC •PC/PET •PMMA •SAN •ABS •PS •PE •PP •PE/PP •Verbunde •TPE •TPU •PLA •PVC •POM •PC/ABS •PE/PA •ASA

B-Plast 2000 GmbH
Aurich Lower Saxony

Contact : Maria Ideus
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