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Maerz-Gautschi in

MAERZ-Gautschi Industrial Furnaces Aluminium Division in Taegerwilen, Switzerland, offers, as a result of the extensive experience gained in the aluminium industry world-wide, thoroughly developed and proven products ranging from individual items of equipment to complete casthouses. Melting and Holding Furnaces for casting directly from smelter reduction cells or integrated in remelt lines; Ingot Casting and Stacking Machines for foundry ingots, Horizontal and Vertical Casting Machines for rolling slabs and extrusion billets to produce the universal feedstock for remelt, rolled and extruded products; Heat Treatment Furnaces - batch or continuous type - for further treatment are the main products of the company. Collaboration with Technical Institutes, experienced companies such as Hydro Aluminium and ongoing relationships with our customers creates the inspiration for a prosperous future. MAERZ-Gautschi's use of the latest technology provides the aluminium industry with efficient installations according to latest standards.

Tägerwilen Thurgau

Contact : Rolf Elsässer
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