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Date Submitted : September 05, 2012
Topic / Subject : Press Release - Anne Johnson Joins Resource Recycling Systems

Message :

Marty Seaman, RRS Director of Business Development
Cell: 810-730-4791
Fax: 734-996-5595

Resource Recycling Systems Welcomes Anne Johnson to their Management Team

Ann Arbor, MI, August 27, 2011 - Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) is pleased to announce the addition of Anne Johnson as Vice President and Senior Consultant. Anne will be leading the development of a new Global Corporate Sustainability practice for RRS.

Anne joins the RRS team from the nonprofit GreenBlue in Charlottesville where she led the internationally recognized Sustainable Packaging Coalition for the past seven and a half years. Over that time she helped it become the leading voice on sustainability for the packaging industry. With more than 15 years in the practice of applied sustainability and design, Anne brings an exceptional knowledge of packaging and materials, sustainable design and recovery, and applied life cycle management methodologies.

Increasingly, Anne has been focused on international issues related to packaging and food waste and is excited to bring a global focus to the work of RRS. She says, “The business world is shifting to where markets are emerging, populations are large and infrastructure to manage waste just doesn’t exist. Strategies need to be advanced both globally as well as domestically in ways that transform both our thinking and our approaches to waste. Locally appropriate solutions need to be found in these emerging markets – this is one of the areas where work needs to be done and where I hope we can take the knowledge and on-the-ground know how of RRS in this new Global Corporate Sustainability practice.”

Recognized for her thought leadership and expertise in the area of packaging and sustainability, RRS CEO, Jim Frey, views Anne’s new role as a natural extension for RRS’s collaborative work in “greening” the supply chain with clients like the Carton Council of North America and their Carton Recycling Access Initiative, AMERIPEN’s Recovery Work Group and the Food Service Packaging Institute’s Paper Recovery Alliance and Plastics Recovery Group. “We see an expanded sustainability practice as a powerful opportunity to extend the considerable technical and management advisory skills of RRS with demonstrated return on investment for our clients into the global corporate sustainability sector with Anne’s leadership”

From her Charlottesville, VA based office, Anne will lead RRS in establishing this expanded area of its practice. The service offerings and service partnerships will cover a full range of corporate sustainability strategies for energy, water, waste and packaging both at the enterprise level and within global supply chains.

About Anne Johnson:
Anne is trained as an engineer and scientist with a background in management and sustainability consulting. She holds a BA from Dartmouth College and Master’s degrees from both the Univ. of Arizona and the Univ. of Virginia. She has more than 20 years of experience in applied environmental science, materials, industrial processes, and systems evaluation of products and packaging. For the past seven and half years she worked in the sustainability nonprofit, GreenBlue where she led the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. During her tenure she led the strategic development of the SPC from its management, governance and programmatic leadership. Recognized for her expertise on packaging and sustainability, Anne has been a technical advisor to the Consumer Goods Forum Global Packaging Project, the US EPA Sustainable Financing for Municipal Recycling Dialogue, and several global 100 consumer product goods companies. Prior to her time at GreenBlue, Anne worked for six years at MBDC, the sustainable design consultancy of William McDonough and Michael Braungart.

About RRS:
Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) is a consulting firm dedicated to building real waste free solutions for our clients, their businesses and communities. We help our clients reach their dynamic goals through innovation, change management and the enhancement of operating system performance. Our team provides business case justified and financially sound solutions to the wide array of challenges our clients endure. RRS also serves as a resource to those striving to incorporate green strategies into their operating systems with implementation plans that are proven to be efficient, sustainable and effective.

Since 1985, our team continues to deliver results that meet and exceed our client’s economic, social and environmental goals.

We look forward to Anne advancing the RRS mission and vision as we lead our clients toward a waste free future. If you would like to contact her directly, email her at For more information about Resource Recycling Systems please go to or contact Brianne Haven, RRS Communications Team Lead at 800-517-9634 or
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