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Genan Business & Development A/S in

Genan Business & Development A/S
Genan Business & Development A/S
Tyre/tire recycler. From the tyres/tires, new raw material is produced: rubber (74%), steel (16%) and textile (10%). Genan has developed a technology, which results in rubber powder and granulate of such a high and uniform quality that it can substitute virgin raw materials in end-applications such as: artificial turf, rubber-modified asphalt and in the near future in the production of new tyres. The steel also has a high quality and can replace iron ore. Genan has 4 large plants in Europe, one in Denmark that processes 90% of all scrap tyres in the country, and three plants in Germany with the capacity to process more than 30% of the German scrap tyres. In addition this, Genan has built a plant in Houston, Texas, USA, which with its 100,000 ton/year capacity is the largest of its kind in the world. It is Genanís vision to gain 10% of the world scrap tyre market by 2020.

Genan Business & Development A/S

Contact : Lisbet Vestergaard Thybo
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