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Non-Metallic Materials Reclamation Section

Welcome to the Non-Metallic Materials Reclamation Section of This section consists of several key Categories which make up the Non-Metallic Materials Reclamation Section.

Each of the Categories are listed below, along with a list of companies, associations and publications related to the Non-Metallic Materials Reclamation industry in general. More detailed links to these resources can be found within each specific Category

Non-Metallic Materials Reclamation Categories:
(click on the highlighted categories for more details)
Acid Reclamation
Abrasive Recovery, Refractory Reclamation
Antifreeze Reclamation
Asphalt Reclamation
Brick, Block & Stone Recycling
Burlap, Jute and Sisal Reclamation
Chemical Reclamation
Composting & Organic Waste
WEEE Scrap
Construction Waste Reclamation and Demolition
Carpet Scrap
Reclaimed Cotton
CRT Reclamation
Drywall & Gypsum Recycling
EFW Energy From Waste
Fiberglass Reclamation
Food Wastes (Processed & Packaged Foods)
Gasses & Compressed Gas Recovery
Glass Reclamation
Graphite, Carbon & Silicon Recycling
Hazardous & Special Wastes
High Density Polyethylene Plastic Recycling (HDPE)
Lamp Reclamation (Fluorescent Lights)
Landfill Services
Waste Leather
Lime and Calcium Recycling
Low Density Polyethylene Plastic Reclamation
Minerals Recycling (Assorted Minerals)
Municipal Waste Collection
Nylon Reclamation
Oil Reclamation and Petrochemical Recycling
PET Plastic Recycling (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Pigment, Paint & Ink Recycling
Plastics Recycling (Polycarbonate, Acrylic, ABS, Mixed Plastics)
Polyester Reclamation
Polypropylene Reclamation
Polystyrene Recycling (PS, GPPS, HIPS, EPS Foam)
Polyurethane & PU Foam Recycling
Portable Sanitation Services
Protein Reclamation and Rendering Wastes
Rubber Reclamation
Salt Reclamation
Soap and Detergent Recovery
Solvent Reclamation
Synthetic Fiber Recycling (Assorted Fibers)
Textile Waste
Tyre Crumb (Granulated Rubber)
Tyre Disposal & Scrap Tyre Recycling
Shredded Tyres
Tyre Parts Recycling
Tyre Pyrolysis & Gasification
Tyre Tubes and Flaps Recycling
Vinyl Recycling (PVC, PVB, EVA)
Recovered Paper (Loose)
Recovered Paper (Baled)
Waste Transfer
Windscreen Recycling (Auto Windshield)
Sawdust, Shavings and Wood Chip
Wood Fuels
Wood Reclamation
Wool Reclamation
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Metal Content Residues
Metal Content Residues

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